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Join the Party – Get cash back reward Visa Prepaid Card

Join the Party – Get Cash Back Reward Visa Prepaid Card

The SkoyPay Cash Back Reward Visa Prepaid card is for everyone that like to be rewarded for spending their money.

Everyone loves something for nothing but unless you choose right, you will end up having nothing at the cost of something. How would you like to get something back every time you spend on your debit prepaid card? It sounds too go to be true, doesn’t it? But Skoypay Visa Card Literally Rewards you for spending your money. Enjoy hassle-free spending around town while you also Earn cash-back reward as you shop using Skoypay Visa card, whether you use your card for Travel, Everyday shopping or just treating   yourself once in a while.

Skoypay Visa prepaid card is a debit card variant denominated in Naira (N) and is prefunded and reloadable. It is internationally accepted in all Visa(R) acceptance points (ATM, POS, & WEB). Skoypay cards are available to everyone, regardless of income, or whether or not you hold a Nigeria bank account. Skoypay card is available for both the Banked and the Unbanked, hence whether you own a bank account or not you are Eligible to acquire a Skoypay prepaid debit card.


  • Worldwide acceptance: Visa is accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • Purchases at POS
  • Card to card transfer
  • Real time banking transaction
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Account Statement
  • Makes Shopping Simple: Book travel and shop online in addition to making your everyday purchases fast and convenient
  • Instant payment: Faster than writing cheques or going to an ATM


  • The card issuance process is simplified
  • Creates a simple convenient alternatives to cash or debit card payment
  • No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a SkoypayTM Prepaid card
  • Provides better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions spent on the prepaid card is available on the SkoypayTM card management system which is available on the internet)
  • Increase security as the cardholder remains in control of the card during transactions: a personal identification number (pin) is used alongside the prepaid card as well as an SMS Text Alert is received in real time with the transaction placed
  • Eliminate the need to carry large sum of amounts
  • When card is lost or stolen, in most cases cannot be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen Skoypay TM card the value on the cardholder’s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another prepaid card
  • Allow for the non-banking population (non-account holders) to obtain Skoypay visa Prepaid debit card and become part of the financial World

SkoypayTM Prepaid Visa card can help prevent debt accumulation, cultivate better spending habits, and promote budgeting. In addition, SkoypayTM cards can serve as a tool for parents to teach children money management. Skoypay cards allow cardholders to track recent transactions online via a personal account; thus, parents can track children’s spending as well. The pay-as-you-go method can also provide direction for financial decision making and goal setting – you can’t spend money until you have it. Hence, it helps establish financial responsibility since you can only spend available funds; you’ll never overdraw your account.


By carefully benchmarking top online providers, the platform has implemented fraud detection measures to protect cardholder. Our website as an additional software (HTTPS) which provides authentication of the website and associated web server with which one is communicating, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. This provides a reasonable guarantee that one is communicate with precisely the website that one intended to communicate with (as opposed to an impostor), as well as ensuring that the contents of communications between the user and site cannot be read or forged by any third party which ensures strict security and fraud control while maintaining the highest possible acceptance rates for transactions.

With SkoypayTM card you are always protected be it online or offline we got your back. Using a skoypay prepaid debit card you stand to lose nothing, SkoypayTM is be safer than carrying a large amount of cash, yet still provide quick access to cash in an emergency. The more you spend via the card the more you get rewarded isn’t it fun? You get rewarded for spending your own money; you are going to spend it anyways! What other card rewards you for spending your own money?

Why not come have some fun and join the party today!!!!!!!!!!

Be among the first set of customers to pick up the SkoypayTM Card at a promo price of 2,000N (Two thousand naira only) as against the original price of 2,500N (Two thousand five hundred naira only).

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Koye BecKleyJoin the Party – Get cash back reward Visa Prepaid Card
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